iPhone Game concept

Here is a game I released at my other company, Frozen Giant, called “Tucker Ray in: Rednecks Vs. Zombies”. I designed all the different zombies, which can all be found in the “Illustration” portion of my portfolio. Download the game here!

Project Name
Abilitrade Logo

Abilitrade allowed people to sign up and teach their favorite hobbies to others.

Project Name
TriplePoint’s GDC Invite

Invite for TriplePoint’s yearly GDC Party.

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“Hunter” concept illustration

This is early concept artwork for an upcoming graphic novel and game.

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PCGA redesign

I designed a new website for PCGaming Alliance, a non-profit group devoted to the world of gaming on a PC. They hired us to create a modern and minimalist site that spotlights the games and products of their team members.

They required the site to fit into a custom CMS they were using, easy to update and using their dark, metallic tones.

I delivered the design in two days after getting the spec, and was happily received by Dell, Capcom and the other core team members.

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Welcome to Spotted Tree!

Spotted Tree is home to Jason Babler. You can find my design work in the print, web and film industry for the last 17 years. I have worked as a designer and creative director for newspapers, magazines, video game companies and anime. Currently, I am working on my first videogame title.

As an amateur sculptor and toy designer as well, you can find my sculpting blog at Mantle Studios.

Read more about how I can help with your design project or take a closer look at my design portfolio.

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